Easy. Convenient. Personal.

Give cheerfully without being limited to the cash you have on hand.

Giving. Simplified.

Automatically finds your event.

Givelify pinpoints your location and intelligently identifies the fundraiser or worship service you're attending, effectively eliminating the need to search for them.

Lets you set your home and favorites.

Mark a church as your home church, or a non-profit as your favorite so that you can easily find and donate to them as frequently and as generously as you'd like, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Give in 3 Taps.

Since Givelify automatically detects where you are, giving a donation can be completed in as little as three taps.

Giving. Beautified.

No complex URLs or complicated passwords to remember.

Simply use Givelify to tap your way through the most pleasant giving experience you've ever had.

One App, Any Charity, Anytime.

Only Givelify makes it convenient to give electronically to any church or non-profit while providing one place that stores all your donations and maintaining a mobile wallet for you.

Choose your church. Choose your cause.

When special offerings are noted, you can give directly to the causes you feel most passionate about, like building funds and missionary trips.

Giving. Quantified.

Track your donations. No calculator required.

Givelify lets you easily see your donation history with any church or non-profit you donate to. You can also accurately track your donations for your taxes without needing to hunt down receipts, bank statements or acknowledgement letters.

It Gets Even Better.

Tithe electronically, Plate traditionally.

Conveniently use the app to give your tithes and offerings from your phone, and with our donation cards in the pews, you can enjoy the social and spiritual satisfaction of contributing to the plate when it's passed.

How That Works.

Take a free printed donation slip from the pew.

Amplify your rewards.

You are already earning rewards for everyday use of your credit and debit cards. With Givelify making it easy to give with your credit cards, you can enjoy more points, rewards or cashback for your generosity.


Quicker and More Convenient Than Online Giving.

  • No complex URL's or complicated passwords to remember
  • No waiting on web pages to load
  • No long registration forms to fill out
  • No need for separate username and password per cause or church you care about

Easier to Use Than Text-to-Give.

  • No SMS numbers, codes or phrases to memorize
  • Conveniently keep track of each donation and organization, to the penny
  • No limits to how much or how often you can give

Less Cumbersome Than Giving Kiosks.

  • No waiting in line
  • No disruption to worship experience
  • No kiosk attendant to infringe on your privace during giving