Finally, an app for tithes and offerings.

The Givelify app is an effortless, mobile option to encourage better participation in stewardship.

  • Enable mobile tithing for your parishioners during service, from home, work, or while vacationing

  • Tithes & offerings are deposited into your bank account next day

  • It's also an app for your church, FREE

Start By Finding Your Church

Your Church. Your App.

The Giving App that you make your own.

Personalize the giving experience for your parishioners by branding the app with your logo, minister's photos and other pictures from your church or images relating to your special offerings and causes.

You can also easily update your church's telephone and address so the most current info is out there.

One Church. One App. Any Mission.

Set up special offerings for missions or projects such as missionary trips, building funds and such. Your parishioners will be able to make specific contributions towards these special offerings.

Giving. Quantified.

All-knowing at-a-glance.

Givelify enables you to track every donation to the penny, by individual, tithe, offering or special offering. It also provides rich and sophisticated insights into giving patterns.

Friendly syncing with other software.

Sync up seamlessly with your financial or church management software to maintain the integrity of your financial records across the board.

** 3rd party software must be able to import csv reports

Accessible from any device 24/7.

Your donations are accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime. Simply go to and sign in. You can create new campaigns, special offerings and manage donations on the go.

Built from the ground up specifically for churches.

Protect the offering plate while going mobile.

Givelify gives your parishioners who don't carry cash the chance to participate in the tithe and offering experience. And with our donation slips in the pews, churches can preserve the ceremony of passing the plate while using the digital age to their advantage.

A seamless experience that keeps worship front and center.

Givelify is all on the parishioner's phone, so parishioners can give discretely, without disrupting the worship experience.

Giving. Simplified.

Say 'Yes' To Simplicity

No commitments

No contracts

No monthly payments

No merchant accounts

No credit card machines

No kiosk leases

No extra technology

No programming

No software installation

No network configuration

No distractions

No lines at kiosks

No subverting the plate experience

Simple & Transparent Pricing.


$0 to download, $0 to use.


Low 2.9% + $0.30 per donation.
Donations deposited next business day.

These fees help us cover the cost of:

processing each electronic transaction

maintaining a secure and safe environment for your transactions

improving features and benefits of the app

Giving. Glorified.

Make giving second nature, not third.

3 out of 4 parishioners use debit & credit cards instead of cash every day, everywhere. With Givelify, your church will no longer be the exception.

Elevate the social & spiritual satisfaction of tithing.

Never will your parishioners feel guilty about not having cash to put in the offering plate. The Givelify app enables them to tithe from their smartphones quickly and easily without being limited to cash on hand.

Make stewardship delightful.

With no ATM trips to make or time wasted looking for checkbooks, parishioners will arrive for worship on time, energized and ready to take stewardship to new levels.

Empower the desire to give from wherever.

A smartphone is all your parishioners need to spontaneously give whenever they are led by the Spirit, even when they are thousands of miles away from your church.